Juno Vitality™ Supplements | Turkey Recipe Nutrient Mix

Juno Vitality™ Supplements | Turkey Recipe Nutrient Mix

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Studies have shown 95% of home-prepared diets have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies. Feeding an incomplete diet over time can result in serious health problems. This nutrient mix is necessary to complete and balance the nutrition of this recipe.

Each nutrient mix container will last you to be able to produce approximately 1 month of food for a 25 lbs. dog.

Our Turkey recipe offers a lean protein option packed with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and kale. A limited ingredient recipe and a great option for pups with GI sensitivities. Check out complete step-by-step cooking instructions.

This recipe is formulated for Adult dogs greater than 1 year old and Puppies less than 1 year old with a weight at maturity less than 70 lbs.

Calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, iron, zinc, choline, kelp, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin E


    We had a lot of issues with our dogs diet and finding the right food was hard. We tried everything, from food toppers, kibbles to raw diet. The best thing that we did was put her on Juno! I have never seen her gobble up her food that quickly.

    Kali Fan

    My dog George loves his Juno meals! He leaves visible drool puddles on the floor when he sees me pull it out of the fridge lol. He will sit there licking his bowl until he gets every single little piece. His coat looks so much shinier and full and he has so much more energy.

    Brenna McMullen

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