Our Food

Juno is a gently-cooked food formulated just for your dog and delivered right to your door. Our food provides a complete and balanced meal for your pup.

Only the best ingredients go into making our recipes and a whole lot of love. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the best nutrition for your dog. We source local ingredients and carefully craft each recipe for your dogs needs. Juno is free from any rendered meats, artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers. Just real, whole foods that allow your pup to thrive.

Our meals are made fresh just for your dog based on their pup requirements. Meat is at the forefront of all our recipes. Our high quality protein and whole fruits and vegetables are  sourced from Canadian farms and cooked at low temperatures to preserve the essential nutrients.Each customized portion is vacuum sealed and frozen to preserve freshness before delivering right to your door.

Each recipe provided by Juno is specifically formulated to provide a complete and balance meal. That means, our food provides all the essential nutrients your pup needs. Our recipe follow the AAFCO and NRC nutritional standards and are designed with your pup in mind. We have worked closely with veterinarians and nutritionists to formulate recipes that are complete and balanced for your dog. Juno's recipes also undergo 3rd party testing to guarantee their nutritional content.

Absolutely! Juno also offers half meal plans that allow you to mix in with your current food and maximize the benefits of feeding fresh.

We take pride in preparing our food in our commercial kitchen to uphold highest standards in food and kitchen hygiene, product consistency and accuracy. Juno is produced in house, never outsourced, which means we have complete control over our process.

Feeding a cooked diet has a number of benefits. Our pack members noticed softer and shiner coats, increased energy, improved digestion and more excitement at meal times.

Juno is cooked, not raw. We choose to cook our dog food to reduce the chances of harmful bacteria and pathogens that come with eating raw food. Read more about cook vs. raw here.

Yes! Our diets are formulated to meet all life stages, this includes puppies.

No, Juno provides your dog with a complete and balanced nutrition.

Juno’s recipes are formulated by our co-founder & Canine Nutritionist Venessa Laudi, Cert. C.N. alongside renowned Pet Nutritionist, Dr. Susan Lauten.

Our food is professionally formulated using a specialized software widely used in the pet industry and independently tested using a third party laboratory to provide complete and balanced diets for all life stages that follow AAFCO and FEDIAF guidelines.

A home-cooked diet often lacks the important nutrients that are essential to your dog, therefore it is not recommend. Juno has been formulated by top pet professional and veterinarians to provide your dog with a complete and balanced meal to make sure your dog received all the right level of the nutrients they require.

Meal Plans

With our meal plans, your dog will receive ongoing deliveries of Juno on an ongoing basis. We time deliveries to make sure you never run out of food. You are only charged on the day we deliver your order. Products can be added or removed at any time. Meal plans can be cancel at anytime!

Juno is portioned and packaged based on your dogs nutritional requirements. Feeding instructions are provided with your pups meal box.

We recommend keeping two to three days of food in your refrigerator at a time to ensure you always have enough food on hand. The rest of your pups meals can be stored in your freezer.

Not to worry. If you forget to defrost food for your pup simply submerge an unopened pack of food in warm (not hot) water. Once the food is soft and no longer frozen, it's ready to eat.

Yes you can. Simply contact our support team at info@junopetfoods.com with any changes you need to make and we will be happy to help you.


We currently ship to the following areas:

- Toronto
- Newmarket
- Barrie
- Markham
- Burlington
- Mississauga
- Cambridge
- Milton
- Brampton
- Georgina
- Whitby
- Oshawa
- Ajax
- Innisfil
- Hamilton
- Scarborough
- Oakville
- Georgetown
- Kitchener
- Vaughan/Maple
- Richmondhill

To ensure the freshness of your dog food order is preserved, we are only able to ship to addresses within the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. If you're outside this area or unsure if we ship to you, simply contact us and we will be happy to work something out!

No problem! Our insulated shipping packages keeps your pups meals fresh for 6 hours until you get home.

We recommend keeping your pups meals in the fridge for 4 days. Juno will stay fresh in your freezer for up to 6 months from the prepared date.

We offer free shipping to residents within GTA and surrounding ares. If you are outside the GTA, please contact us to see if we deliver to your area!