Our Story

As a dog owner there are many things you look forward to when bringing home a new family member—caring for a sick dog isn’t one of them. From the time we brought our eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog, Juno, home with us, she had stomach issues. During the first nine months of her life she did not live like most happy pups should. She suffered from chronic diarrhea, digestive issues, allergies, severe skin conditions and was therefore was on consistent prescriptions of antibiotics. Desperate to help our pup feel better, we tried every kibble and canned dog food brand out there, until Juno became very picky and simply stopped eating altogether.

Eager to find something that would help, we started to dive deeper into the variety of ingredients used in commercial pet foods and were surprised at what we found – soy, corn meal, animal by-products, and not to mention a long list of preservatives and fillers. There was no way, as humans, we would eat this so why should we expect our pup to?

We wanted to take an approach to heal Juno naturally. We visited a holistic vet who suggested a home-cooked diet. It was challenging to find a food out there that offered an affordable solution that we were comfortable feeding so we decided to take matters into our own hands and with the help of our veterinarian we started to slowly heal Juno’s body with nourishing food cooked in our very own kitchen. Within two weeks, she was a new dog, full of energy, with a shiny healthy coat and a BIG appetite!

Juno is proof that there is power in REAL food. Her story inspired our mission to help other pet owners give their pups a healthier, happier life. We continue to work with top pet-nutrition professionals to develop veterinarian-approved recipes that have nothing to hide, with natural whole ingredients in every bowl. 

Nutrition comes first here at Juno.  A high protein, low carb diet that includes high quality lean grass-fed & free-range meats and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables essential to canine health. Ingredients with a purpose. Our superfood ingredients are gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and maximize nutritional benefits to promote healthy skin and coat, support brain and heart function, promote healthy digestion and boost the immune system.

Because if we can live in a world where our dogs live longer, healthier lives, why wouldn’t we?

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