Using diet and nutrition to combat with Pancreatitis

Client Information 

A 18 year old Shepard/X dog diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. 


Bear was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis at the age of 17. Bear’s owner fed a raw diet his whole life however after being diagnosed with pancreatitis, his parents switch to a veterinary therapeutic kibble. The ideal diet for pets with chronic pancreatitis is very low in fat and highly digestible and do not require as much pancreatic activity.

Feeding Plan 

Diet is extremely important when dealing with pets with pancreatitis. (If you suspect your pet has pancreatitis contact your veterinarian immediately). A specialized therapeutic recipe for pancreatitis was created for Bear. The diet consisted of very low-fat cooked chicken breast, quinoa and fresh fruits and vegetables along with supplementation to ensure nutritional requirements are met. Frequent small meals were also given throughout the day to not over excite the pancreas. Additional omega 3 supplementation was added to help with aging arthritis. 


Bear thrived off his customized meal plan. His owner noted that she saw a change in his behaviour and overall happiness once she made the switch back to a whole food, cooked diet. He also did not experience any other episodes of pancreatitis. 

"Bear just loves his food and sometimes he's hanging out in the kitchen waiting to eat and his eating schedule is not for another hour. "


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