Picky pup turned Foodie

Client Information

Lupa is a 5 year old Coton/Bichon that struggled with eating most of her life. A vet examination ruled out any medical condition. Lupa was also known for excessive licking of her paws.


Lupa was offered free-choice feeding of several different kinds of commercial dry dog food. Extra treats were often added to Lupas meals to entice her to eat. Free choice feeding is a practise of making food available to your dog at all times. Free choice feeding may increase body fat and create a picky pup.

Feeding Plan and Recommendations

Switching to a high protein cooked Juno diet was the number one recommendation for Lupa. When dealing with a picky eater, it’s tempting to try hand feeding or topping the food with table scraps or other toppers, but that can actually encourage pickiness. Dogs are primarily meat eaters and while they can survive off the high carbohydrate, cereal-based diets, it is not the optimal feeding for them. A high protein, meat-based cooked diet is more palatable for those picky eaters and provides them with the optimal nutrition for them to thrive.


Lupa has been enjoying Juno for over 2 years and her parents can happily say that she is no longer a picky eater. She loves her Juno meals so much and is now very expressive at meal times. She is no longer a grazer and devours her food right away. Her parents also noted that she no longer licks her paws. Other benefits they noticed when they made the switch to Juno was increased energy and maintaining a healthy weight with a pre-portioned meal plan. 

Our pooch, Lupa, has been eating (devouring) Juno for well over a year now--and has seen a remarkable transformation in that time. A former chubby paw-chewer, Lupa now maintains a healthy weight, has incredible energy and leaves her paws alone. She also enjoys meal time like never before (only Juno can get her sit and wait on her mat like a polite pup). We owe these improvements in Lupa's life to the quality of her food. Juno's ingredients are so top-notch, we often joke that Lupa eats better than us.” 


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