Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Leaky gut with nutrition


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Client Information

9 month of Bernese Mountain dog puppy with reluctance to eat, digestive upset and diarrhea, lethargy, dull coat and skin disorder including redness and blistering. An extensive diagnostic evaluation including multiple fecal cultures did not reveal a cause for poor quality stool. Multiple rounds of antibiotics (Metronidazole & Tylosin) for chronic inflammation of the GI was prescribed. The antibiotics worked temporarily however, the puppy still experienced diarrhea after the round of antibiotics was over. The dog was diagnosed with dysbiosis and IBD with antibiotics as the treatment. The puppy was on antibiotics 9 times from the age of 8 weeks to 9 months.


The owners had been feeding a commercial dry dog food recommended by the breeder and veterinarian. Several different brands of kibble were fed however reluctance to eat and poor stool quality persisted. A study from the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine found metronidazole obliterated a dogs microbiome and a month after the drug, the microbiome was profoundly destroyed”. Poor diet along with numerous rounds of antibiotics contributed to leaky gut. When leaky gut is present, bacteria and allergens escape the gut and leak into the blood and results in an immune response that triggers inflammation and food intolerances.   

Feeding Plan

The puppy’s stool quality improved immediately once making the switch to a homecooked style diet. The highly processed kibble diet along with the antibiotics destroyed her microbiome. Healing of the gut and restoring her microbiome was top priority. Alongside a holistic veterinarian, a gut protocol with healthy botanicals was recommended along with probiotics to help restore gut bacteria. A cooked diet with higher protein was also recommended to improve diversity of the gut microbiome.


Juno is a testament to the power of feeding real food. Along with optimal nutrition, probiotics and gut protocol helped rebuild good intestinal flora. She no longer experiences any digestive upset and can freely eat multiple proteins without worry. Her skin issues also improved with the help of nutrition. Other benefits a luscious, soft coat and increased energy. 


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