Intermittent Diarrhea and Arthritis in the Aging Dog


Client Information

Phoenix is an 11 year old American Akita that struggled from intermittent diarrhea and persistently soft, mushy stools. He also suffered from arthritis in his hind end due to age. Phoenix was also overweight and had a body condition score of 8/9. 


Phoenix has been fed kibble most of his life. His owners switched brands of kibble several times in hopes to find something that worked for him. A limited ingredient kibble was recommended which worked for a bit but Phoenix still struggled with diarrhea from time to time. As he continued to age, his parents noticed that he started slowing down and was struggling with some arthritis in his hind end. Wanting to do everything they could to help their aging pup, they were told about Juno Whole Pet Foods from a family member and decided to reach out to see if there is anything we could do.

Feeding Plan & Recommendations 

The extra weight was putting excess strain on his joint so developing a weight loss program with pre-portioned meals was extremely important for Phoenix to help get his weight down.  If our pets are already in an inflamed state, like the case with Phoenix, feeding a highly processed diet creates more heat and inflammation in the body because we are feeding the inflammation. Therefore, feeding a fresh diet loaded anti-inflammatory foods and high in omega 3’s was important to help target his arthritis and inflammation. It was also recommended to add Juno’s Vitality Joint support supplement that target specific areas in the body to help support his joints. The added botanicals included in Vitality Joint support also further helps combat the inflammation and reduce pain. 


Within a year, Phoenix lost the excess weight and now has a body condition of 4/5. He is thriving off his Juno meals and his daily pre-portioned meals help keep his weight down. His arthritis in his back legs has been manageable with the help of fresh food and supplements. Other noticeable benefits include a healthy, shiny coat, less shedding. His stool quality also improved and he no longer experiences intermittent diarrhea. Phoenix has been enjoying Juno for almost two years and is thriving. His parents noticed a change in his energy and they often get asked if he is a puppy


"As our dog Pheonix is getting older, we wanted to do everything to make sure that he was getting the proper nutrients he needed as he ages. Knowing his food is made with food that help target arthritis, I feel good that he is getting everything he needs to age gracefully with Juno!"


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