Winter is here! Easy DIY Paw Protector

Winter brings snow but it also brings salt. Unfortunately, this can be very harmful to our pups. Whether it's rock salt, a mixture of sand and salt or brine salt, the ice remover can cause a chemical burn to your pet's feet and become even more harmful when consumed. That is why it is very important to wipe your pups paws after coming in from a walk so you can avoid your dog ingesting any salt, especially if they lick their paws after a walk. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your pups paws this winter. 
Before a walk, you can rub some paw balm on your dog’s paws. The salt used on the roads can dry out your dogs paws and cause them to crack. Using a paw balm can hep minimize the damage to your dogs paws and provide a protective layer during their walk. Its also great way to keep your their paws soft and moisturized. 
We recommend this super easy DIY paw protector to help keeps your pups paws safe this winter. 
What you’ll need: 
4 tbsp. of beeswax (forms a protective barrier on your dogs pads)
2 tbsp. Of coconut oil (for antibacterial properties) 
2 tbsp. Of olive oil (for moisturizing properties)
1 tsp. Of calendula oil (helps heal and sooth cracked pads)
Paw Wax Instructions:
1. In a small pot add all the ingredients together over low heat and stir continuously until all is melted and well blended
2. Pour mixture into tins and let cool on the counter until hard and you are done! 
3. Apply on your pups paws before walk
4. Use within 1-2 years
Some other preventative Measures you can take are: 
  • Invest in some doggy boots to protect your pups paws
  • Clean all boots when you enter your home 
  • Wash and dry your pets paws after each walk
  • Stay away from heavily treated roads and sidewalks
  • Use pet-friendly de-icers on your own property