Top 3 Reasons to feed your dog Gently-cooked

Top Three Reasons to Feed your Dog a Gently Cooked Diet

You’re at the grocery store, reading a food label. See a few too many ingredients listed? Red flag. Are most hard to pronounce? Bright red flag. By now, we all know that a fresh, whole food diet is the key to living a long and healthy life. What may be less well known is that this is just as true for our dogs as it is for us.  

Unfortunately, the pet industry has done a great job at misinforming us, promoting foods filled with hidden ingredients we don’t understand. Yes, dogs can survive off highly processed brown balls disguised as food, just like we could survive off eating potato chips. But the question is: are they really thriving?

Feeding a diet that is made from fresh, human-grade ingredients, which nourish from the inside out, offers endless benefits to our loyal companions. Here are the top three reasons you should feed your pup a gently cooked diet:

1. It’s real food for goodness’ sake! 

Commercial dry or canned pet food is subject to the same regulation as commercial animal feed. This means pet food companies can say “food” or “natural” ingredients on their labels, while actually using sub-par feed grade ingredients. These can include dead, diseased, expired, discarded or drug-contaminated meats—ingredients that are certainly not fit for human consumption.

Kibble is manufactured by a process called extrusion, which subjects the food to extremely high temperatures, killing off not only any pathogens, but also all nutrients. To meet nutritional standards, synthetic vitamins and minerals are then sprayed onto it. To make it more palatable, animal fats and taste enhancers are also sprayed onto it. And to top it off, preservatives and artificial colours (like caramel) are also added. Have you ever found a piece of kibble under your couch and wondered how it hasn’t gone bad?

A gently cooked diet made of human-grade ingredients is subjected to stricter regulations and higher standards. No more guessing what might be in your dog’s meals; you know exactly what you are getting—real, whole foods that you could eat!

2. It can help your pet live longer.

A commercial diet packed with preservatives, low quality proteins and high amounts of carbohydrates and fillers can contribute to poor quality coats, digestive issues, obesity and sluggishness.  

When compared to commercial kibble, a home-cooked style diet has been shown to extend a pet’s lifespan by an average of three years. By feeding fresh whole foods, you are nourishing your pup’s body, supporting improved digestion, weight management and overall health.

 3. Your dog will feel good.

Food can either fuel disease or fight it. The low-quality ingredients found in most large pet foods have contributed to many issues that are all too common among our furry friends today. Issues like allergies, skin problems, diabetes, cancers and digestive issues.

Our dogs haven’t adapted to digest highly processed foods, so these diets are destroying their GI systems, resulting in runny, loose stools and an inability to absorb the nutrients they need to thrive.

By feeding a fresh food diet, you ensure that your dog is being well nourished by only all-natural, highly digestible ingredients. After switching to a gently cooked diet made with human-grade ingredients, most owners witness a healthier, shiner coat, increased energy and improved digestion in their pups.  

Final food for thought

We all want to live in a world with healthier dogs. We want stronger immune systems, less disease and fewer preventable health conditions for all pooches. That begins with feeding real food.