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Good enough for you, made for them, real whole foods home delivered

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Feel good about treating your pup with natural, locally sourced ingredients

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Good enough for you, made for them, real whole foods home delivered

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Don't take our word for it

Our Lupa was a picky eater to say the least. She used to just pick at her kibble here or there, but she can't get enough of her new food from Juno. She loves it! Her energy is awesome and so are her bathroom breaks. The folks at Juno were awesome too. They answered all my questions and they were with us every step of the way! Thank you Juno!

Ricardo R., Toronto, Ontario

I am so excited on finding Juno for my Sheltie. Juno designs a balance diet so she gets to have all she likes and needs. She loves her Juno and always licks her bowl clean!!!As a pet parent, I treat her like my kid and I want to make a good choice for her. Juno team always makes time to answer all my questions and I feel very confident that Juno is really the best choice for my Sheltie.
I highly recommend you to give Juno a try!!!

Jocelyn H., Vaughan, Ontario

Riley has always had tummy issues ever since she was a puppy! From throwing up to diarrhea to colitis and pancreatitis! Since making the switch, Riley has had no issues whats so ever. In fact, Riley’s energy has gone way up and tummy issues have completely disappeared. For an 8 year old dog, Riley has been so much happier and has been bouncing around like a 1 year old puppy. As a doggie mom - I am so happy I made the switch to Juno!

Stephanie R., Keswick, Ontario

First thing we noticed about Lightening after only two weeks was his eye stains were completely gone and his energy level increased. He actually started to play with the neighbours dog! Before we discovered Juno, he was really mopey and lethargic, now hes like a young pup again! Thank you so much Juno!

Sue R., Alliston, Ontario

We were having serious digestive issues with our dog, as soon as we made the switch to real food, her issues cleared right up. He coat also looks amazing and she always get compliments on how good it looks!

Chrissy D., Newmarket, Ontario

As our dog Pheonix is getting older, we wanted to do everything to make sure that he was getting the proper nutrients he needed as he ages. Knowing his food is made with food that help target arthritis, I feel good that he is getting everything he needs to age gracefully with Juno!

Michael, M., Georgina, Ontario

This was the best decision/change we've made for our dog and the results speak for themselves. We are incredibly happy with Juno Whole Pet Foods and recommend them to everyone!!!

Bill G, Toronto, Ontario

My dog George loves his Juno meals! He leaves visible drool puddles on the floor when he sees me pull it out of the fridge lol. He will sit there licking his bowl until he gets every single little piece. His coat looks so much shinier and full and he has so much more energy. Three cheers for Juno!!

Brenna M., Sharon, Ontario

So happy I found Juno! I take comfort knowing my dog is eating whole, nutritious foods from a company that doesn't cut corners or sacrifice the integrity of the diet. Their customer service is absolutely incredible, it's refreshing to deal with a dog food company that truly has your dogs best interests at heart - they even check in to see how your dog is doing because they genuinely care about your dogs wellbeing. They are very understanding and super accommodating to answer any questions you have and make any changes you need. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Julia S., Bolton, Ontario

"Are you unsure what to feed or do you have general questions about your pup? I'm here to help!"

- Venessa Laudi, Cert. C.N.
Co-owner & Canine Nutritionist, Juno Whole Pet Foods

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Thinking differently about how we feed our dogs

Human-grade ingredients


We locally source high quality, human-grade ingredients. That means you could eat it too!

Never any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours


Made with 100% all natural, whole ingredients. Never any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Juno is gently cooked to preserve natural ingredients

Gently cooked fresh from our kitchen


From our kitchen to your doorstep. Every bowl is gently cooked with love by our chefs for your unique pup!

Made for your dog


Your dog is unique so we get to know them to determine their daily feeding requirements. Just open and serve! It's that easy!

Delivered to you


We bring you regular scheduled deliveries. No more running out of food, no more last minute trips to the pet store!

Natural whole ingredients in every bowl

High quality meats

High Quality Animal Proteins

High quality, lean ground beef, chicken, lamb and organ meats. Rich in protein and amino acids. All are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals crucial for your dog's growth and development

Vitamin Rich Fruits & Vegetables

Vitamin Rich Fruits & Vegetables

Carefully selected vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and dietary fibre for a healthy heart, digestive system and immune function

Seeds, Oils & Minerals

Seeds, Oils & Minerals

Packed with essential micronutrients that promotes healthy brain, nervous system and eye function also packed with good fats to support a shiny and healthy coat