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Complete step-by-step instructions to make super nutritious home cooked food for dogs

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We believe nutrition is the foundation for health. Dogs are part of the family and we want to ensure they are around for a long time and that starts with feeding a healthy diet full of fresh, whole foods. 

Now Cook Any of Our Super Nutritious Recipes at Home

Chicken Recipe

Our Chicken recipe offers antibiotic superfoods like kale, carrots and sunflower seeds. This protein-packed, antioxidant-rich formula is designed to give your dog the energy and nourishment they need day-to-day.

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Beef Recipe

Our Beef recipe offers a high protein and nourishing blend of vegetables and botanicals, including broccoli and pumpkin seeds, to promote a healthy brain and immune system. A powerful punch of omega 3’s will leave your dog with a shiny and healthy coat and begging for seconds.

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Turkey Recipe

Our Turkey recipe offers a lean protein option packed with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and kale. A limited ingredient recipe and a great option for pups with GI sensitivities.

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Salmon & Whitefish Recipe

Our Salmon & Whitefish recipe offers a great novel protein source, perfect for pups with allergies. Rich in omega 3's and provide a natural source of anti-inflammatories and promote healthy skin and coat. It also contains superfoods likes coconut oil and kale which has powerful heart-protective, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. 

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Why a nutrient mix is vital

Studies have shown 95% of home-prepared diets have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies. Feeding an incomplete diet over time can result in serious health problems.

Our JUNO nutrient mix and DIY supplement are an ideal way to optimize your home-prepared meals with proper complete and balanced nutrition.

The perfect option for picky eaters

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Digestive and Joint Support.
Juno Vitality Supplements
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The benefits of fresh, cooked in your very own kitchen

100% Juno

Feed fresh only! Use as a FULL meal for your dog

50% Juno

Want to boost your pups health? Use as a meal MIXER


25% Juno

Got a picky dog?
Use as a TOPPER

How to DIY

Select your recipes

Select from the personalized, professionally formulated, vet-approved recipes.

Order Nutrient Mix

Each nutrient mix has been carefully formulated based on each recipe.

Shop for ingredients

Buy the food ingredients at your store of choice.

Cook Ingredients & add the Nutrient Mix

Follow our easy cooking instructions and add in the DIY Nutrient Mix to make meals complete and balanced.

Gently Cooked and Fresh

Ready to start cooking?

Dogs who eat Juno have healthier, shinier coats and better digestion.

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Meet Our cofounder

Venessa Laudi, Cert. C.N.

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Juno Customers Are Happy Customers

So happy I found Juno! I take comfort knowing my dog is eating whole, nutritious foods from a company that doesn't cut corners or sacrifice the integrity of the diet. Their customer service is absolutely incredible, it's refreshing to deal with a dog food company that truly has your dogs best interests at heart.

Julia S.

Kona was not big on his puppy food and never finished his meals. Once he tried JUNO he couldn’t get enough!!! Now he barks and jumps around until I put his bowl down so he can gobble up all the wholesome goodness!!! It’s so great to watch him enjoy eating
his JUNO!!!

Dave B.

MaryAnne T., Toronto, Ont.

"Juno's ingredients are so top-notch, we often joke that Lupa eats better than us.”

A former chubby paw-chewer, Lupa now maintains a healthy weight, has incredible energy and leaves her paws alone.
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